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Nowadays, PE pipe production line has been widely used.
Aug 01, 2018

PE pipe line design principle

Nowadays, PE pipe production line has been widely used. The extruder is composed of screw rod, material tube, gear box, motor, control box, frequency converter, hopper and other main components. Then, what principle is the screw designed by?

As one of the main equipment of polymer processing and forming, PE pipe production line is more and more widely used in polymer processing industry, and it will be more and more used in other industries. Mark the working performance of the main technical parameters of the PE pipe production line are: screw diameter, screw length to diameter ratio and screw speed range, drag the main screw motor power, machinery, production capacity, the barrel of the heating power and the number of segments, the center of the machine height size and shape, etc., these parameters are measured and choose the main basis of extruder, is designed first need to determine the technical parameters of the PE pipe production line. According to the changing process of three physical states of polymer in PE pipe production line and the working requirements of screw parts, the screw of PE pipe production line is usually divided into feeding section, melting section and measuring section. Because the geometric structure of screw is very complex, it is difficult to build a mathematical model that can fully reflect the optimal design of PE pipe production line. Even if an ideal mathematical model of PE pipe production line optimization design can be established, it is very difficult to solve the problem because of the complex influencing factors and the large number of design variables. Therefore, it is more in line with the practical requirements to model and optimize the design according to the function section of screw.