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PE or PP granulator lines are commonly found in the factory buildings of modern plastics manufacturers.
Aug 01, 2018

PE or PP granulator lines are commonly found in the factory buildings of modern plastics manufacturers. It is not hard to find many cases in the extruder production line with high speed mixer. As a manufacturer of PE or PP granulating line and related high-speed mixer equipment for 20 years, we have compiled some materials as follows:

The high-speed mixer fitted with PE or PP granulation line is generally made of four parts, including transmission part, heating part, fuse part and base part. In the need to improve the higher automatic production capacity, sometimes we will install the automatic feeding metering system, which can become a kind of highly electrified and intelligent equipment with high production efficiency, although maintenance is difficult. Because of the rapid production, compared with the old hybrid equipment, the energy consumption of high speed mixer can be greatly reduced, and now the domestic equipment manufacturer has adopted the compact design scheme in the design process. The overall size of the equipment is small, which is especially beneficial to the installation of small and medium-sized enterprises when the site is insufficient.

The appearance of modern high speed mixer in the plastic industry greatly reduces the difficulty of the production of enterprises using extruders. It can not only make the material processing reach a certain precision, but also effectively avoid the manpower problem of manual production. Now that the new technology of pneumatic oscillator receiving station is adopted, the stability of high speed mixer can be enhanced in the work. The field equipment operators do not need to worry about the insufficient quality rate of material mixing.