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PET bottle crushing dry cleaning line in the middle of the action,
Aug 01, 2018

PET bottle crushing dry cleaning line in the middle of the action, to wash dry for PET bottle crushing line for maintenance, the maintenance and maintenance also should according to certain rules to operate, so conducive to the operation of machinery and equipment, at the same time, according to the corresponding equipment to maintain the requirements of the relevant safety technical performance, can effectively guarantee the largest safety equipment and personnel.

Before checking

The equipment is also made up of various parts. Before installation, check each part of the equipment, check the main steel structure, bearing, bolts, etc., and make a record of whether the surface condition of the parts is corrosion resistant, so as to prepare for future inspection.


And equipment during normal operation, according to the rules and regulations to carry out daily and regular maintenance, daily maintenance is mainly responsible for cleaning, fastening, lubrication, adjustment, anticorrosive, this is to check every day, and regular maintenance, within the prescribed time several times for maintenance and repairs of machinery and equipment, with cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, disassembly and maintenance as the center content.