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The cause and solution of screw locking in HDPE pipeline production line
Aug 01, 2018

The cause and solution of screw locking in HDPE pipeline production line

HDPE pipe production line is now widely used, in the process of extrusion production, HDPE pipe production line screw may arise suddenly turn card death phenomenon. At this point, if the HDPE pipe production line protection devices do not work, the operator should immediately stop. More often will also be able to turn the screw, but slow in speed, at the same time the voice of the harsh metal research, current rise sharply, the operator should stop immediately. To find out the cause of the stuck, under normal circumstances, the screw diameter is unified, all within the same cylinder, before and after pumped out easily. Therefore, if the screw cannot be pulled out, it is only possible that something has stuck to the screw. There are the following five possibilities:

1: the foreign matter enters the cylinder, and the screw is stuck. If it is an iron metal foreign matter, it will cause great damage to the screw and the feeding tube

2. Screw or cylinder deformation

3: the temperature of the cylinder is too low, or the filter plate is blocked, causing the cylinder pressure to rise sharply and causing the screw deformation

4: the design of screw and cylinder is not reasonable. It is easy to happen that the design compression ratio of screw is too large and the screw is deformed in use.

5: the thermal expansion coefficient of the materials used by the cylinder and the screw is too different. The feeding seat of the cylinder is cooled at the heating time. If the screw is not cooled, it may be locked to death.

How to solve the problem of screw lock in HDPE pipeline production line during production? Solution: