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And Operating Factors Influence The Output Of High-speed Mixers.
Aug 01, 2018

Factors influencing the output of high speed mixer

Materials and operating factors influence the output of high-speed mixers, and operating factors influence the output of high-speed mixers.

1. As the inner wall of the die hole is attached with some iron chips and oxides, the new ring mould should be polished before use, so as to make the inner wall of the die hole smooth, reduce friction resistance and improve the grain production.

2. Die hole blockage is mainly caused by materials with poor performance of the high-speed mixer or new models that have not been polished or cleaned with oil after granulation.

3. The feed amount is reduced, and it is impossible to increase the output even if the quality control level of the operator is higher.

4. The hole opening rate of the ring mould has a great influence on the production. In order to ensure the strength of the ring mould, the hole opening rate of the large hole diameter is generally high, and the mixed output is also high.

Material factors influence the output of high-speed mixer

1. Generally speaking, the bulk quality of materials is larger, and the granulation yield is higher. Therefore, when selecting raw materials, formula personnel should consider the bulk weight of materials in addition to the nutritional requirements.

2. The moisture content of materials is too high, which reduces the amount of steam added in the high-speed mixer and affects the temperature of the mixer, thus affecting the output and quality of feed in the mixer.

3. Material composition: high protein content of protein material, high plasticity, increased viscosity and high mixing yield of high-speed mixer after heating. But when the non-protein nitrogen is high, the mixed yield decreases.