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Film High Frequency Sintering Machine Equipment Component:
Aug 01, 2018

Film sintering machine

Film high frequency sintering machine equipment component:

1. Wire rack: horizontal or vertical wire rack, either of which is selected by the user;

2. Main machine: it consists of straightener, polishing machine (upper and lower sides of the polishing wire), winding head (2 wrapping heads, positive and negative rotation), crawler tractor, high-temperature positioning frame 1, high-frequency sintering machine, high-temperature positioning frame 2, cooling system, collective electric control and mechanical drive system.

3. Oven: it is installed on the host platform and adopts screw drive, linear track displacement and stainless steel electric heat pipe heating;

4. Wire rewinding machine: it adopts torque motor winding and rod stripper wiring.

Sintering process is a comprehensive process of many physical and chemical changes. This process not only complex, but also rapidly changing, in a few minutes or even seconds, sintered material is due to the intense heat from below 70 ℃ by heating to 1200 ~ 1400 ℃, at the same time, it also produced from the solid phase, liquid phase and liquid phase then rapid cooling and solidification. These physical and chemical changes include:

(1) fuel combustion and heat exchange;

(2) evaporation and condensation of water;

(3) decomposition of carbonate and volatilization of volatile components in fuel;

(4) oxidation, reduction and decomposition of iron ore;

(5) oxidation and removal of sulfide;

(6) solid phase reaction and liquid phase generation;