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Plastic Mixing Machine Is A New High Efficiency Mixing Equipment Developed By Our Company In Combination With Advanced Technologies At Home And Abroad.
Aug 01, 2018

Technical features of plastic mixer

Plastic mixing machine is a new high efficiency mixing equipment developed by our company in combination with advanced technologies at home and abroad. It is suitable for mixing, mixing, drying, coloring and other processes of various plastics.

The characteristics of

1. The pot cover of the plastic mixing machine is sealed with double channels, and the arch pot cover is also used for cold mixing. It is not easy to be deformed.

2. Thermal mixing has the dual performance of self-friction and electric heating;

3. The high-speed mixer USES centrifugal force. The bottom feeding blade continuously feeds the bottom material up along the drum wall.

4. The slurry blade is made of SUS304, which has passed dynamic and static balance test and specially designed spindle seal;

5. Welding integral design of channel steel and steel plate of plastic mixer equipment, compact structure and beautiful shape;

6. The equipment consists of the bottom feeding blade and the high-speed crushing blade, which is especially suitable for adding liquid when stirring materials. The feeding blade continuously feeds the bottom material up the drum wall. The high-speed crushing blade completely breaks the material delivered by the feeding blade. So that the material circulation forms a vortex, in a relatively short time to achieve the goal of evenly mixing materials;