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Standard Operating Procedures Of Plastic Profile Punching Machine
Aug 01, 2018

Standard operating procedure and failure maintenance for plastic section punch

1. Standard operating procedures of plastic profile punching machine

1. The operator shall comply with the safety operation rules of general plastic profile punching machine. Must be familiar with the structure and performance of plastic profile punching machine, strictly abide by the operation rules of the equipment, and pass the training and examination before the operation.

2. The operator shall wear the labor protection articles before the operation of the plastic section punch.

3. The power supply and voltage must be checked before operation.

4. The lubrication system, hydraulic system and compressed air system must be checked before operation. The oil quantity, oil pressure and air pressure must meet the requirements.

5. Before daily operation, it is necessary to check whether the photoelectric protection device is normal, and the photoelectric protection device cannot be started up normally. When starting the plastic profile punching machine, the operator must ensure that no one is in the working range of the machine tool.

6. For the first use of a program, it must first run empty without the artifact being loaded before it can be processed.

7. Before starting the machine, the discharge port of upper and lower molds must be checked. Check whether the tool holder assembly, stripper plate, cutter, middle ring and adjusting ring are in good condition, and check whether the cutting tool and punching die are in good condition without avulsion, even clearance between punch head and die wall, and sharp cutting tool blade.