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What Are The Performance Characteristics Of PVC Marble Profile Production Line
Aug 01, 2018

What are the performance characteristics of PVC marble profile production line

Is made of polyethylene material control profile of PVC marble material, the use of the material in the production of pipe is avirulent environmental protection, is not easy to corrode, because this kind of materials are inert materials, so to withstand some corrosion of acid and alkali salt, and the use of PVC marble material will be very convenient, in the construction of time will be very convenient, can let pipe well together.

PVC marble profiles have strong toughness due to the characteristics of the materials. If there is a part of vacancy, it has certain extensibility, so as to protect the normal use of the pipeline. Of course, it also has a long life, so many occasions use PVC marble profiles, generally in our life for the application of water pipes and mud delivery can use PVC marble profiles.

The performance characteristics of PVC marble profile equipment are summarized

1. Excellent physical performance

The imported high quality polyethylene raw materials are of good steel, strength, flexibility and creep resistance, as well as good performance of hot melt connection, which is conducive to the installation of plastic pipes.

2. Corrosion resistance and long service life

In China's coastal areas, the underground water level is high and the land humidity is high, so the use of seamless steel pipe must be protected against corrosion, and the service life is only 30 years, while PVC marble profiles can withstand the erosion of various chemical media, and need not be treated with corrosion. In addition, it does not promote the growth of algae, bacteria or fungi, and can last up to 50 years under normal use of spare parts.